Clash Royale Cheat for Using the Best Troops

With all the strategy and planning that goes into playing Clash Royale, you know it is all about using your troops very carefully and wisely. Out of all the Clash Royale cheats available the Clash Royale cheats that explain how to smartly use your troop cards are the ones you need to watch out for and work on mastering those to use them up to their maximum capacity. There are a few special cards in the troop cards that you need to keep in mind and whip them out during the battle with the enemy. The following cards will be discussed for Clash Royale cheats for best troops:

Baby Dragons
Super Goblins
Giant Skeleton
Minion Horde

What Makes These Cards Good for Clash Royale Cheats

The cheapest troop cards you need to remember are the Goblin and Super Goblin cards, because they are so easy to just deploy into the battle field in big numbers at a time if you find out about the clash royale free gems glitch, and also they use up the least amount of elixir so they can be unimaginably helpful in a battle. Another troop card to remember to use is the Archers, because these are one of the few troop cards that have a long range that are great for putting near the towers to defend from the enemy attacks. One more troop card that is great is the Baby Dragons, this is because they are great at dodging attacks by certain kinds of troops, and when this card uses a fire ball attack, they can eliminate entire armies at a time and get rid of more than one troop in a single go just with one attack. A troop card with a lot of amount of HP is the Barbarians card.
These cards are a very important type of tank card character that can outlast even the most damaging attacks because of its great HP level, and while maintaining its HP and withstanding attacks from the enemy, it also possesses a great power to tear down your enemy’s troop cards instantly. Other cards that you need to look into include the Golems, Giant Skeleton, Minion Horde, Wizard and Prince Troop cards. Golems make one of the stronger troops which are great for deploying towards the end of a battle match. The other four cards are very good when strategically used in the middle of the game.

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