Become More Efficient Playing Homescapes With These Simple Hacks

If you’re looking for Homescapes hacks, understand that these tools enable you to get free coins in the game. coins is obviously needed to make certain improvements in the mansion that you are renovating. You’re not going to make much progress if you run out of coins. But this is precisely the challenge a lot of players face because it’s tempting to just use coins the moment you earn it from the game. This is really bad news because there are many puzzles that are so tough that the only way out really is to use coins.

Unfortunately, you don’t know this coming in. You might think a puzzle looks so intimidating and so complex that you can’t help but use coins, but it turns out, this is actually quite manageable. This has happened to me quite a bit. I mean, I’ve been seeing lots of seemingly complicated patterns, but they actually are not only doable but actually quite easy.

The flipside is also true. There are some puzzles that seem very straightforward and plain even. It’s as if that I’ve solved them millions of times before. But regardless of what I do and regardless of how tricky I try to be, I can’t seem to solve it and as a result, I have to use my coins. This is the key for maximum game improvement in Homescapes. You need to save up enough coins and reserve it only for the absolutely impossible patterns. For the rest, invest your time because chances are, half of them are actually quite easy regardless of how scary they look. The other half takes a little bit of doing but they can be solved.

This is the set of hacks that you need to succeed in the game. First, be efficient. Second, play through a pattern several times to determine its real difficulty level and third, use the coins that you got through as well as through your solved puzzles that you’ve completed very sparingly. Use your coins only if you have struck a wall. Seriously. If you feel that regardless of how hard you try, regardless of the patterns that you’ve seen before nothing seems to work, then and only then use the coins.
Use the coins to get more turns. Usually, this is enough for you to get out of a tough spot. If you can’t get past a puzzle without running out of moves, use your coins to use the hammer to break through the patterns. You can also use coins to get rockets, planes, and other devices that would help you solve the puzzle faster. At the very least, these purchases enable you to get another chance to solve the puzzle organically.

Outside of that particular situation, try to be as stingy as possible. Try to manage your resources as possible because you’d be surprised as to how easy patterns can be. In fact, many levels are actually so easy that it feels like you’re slicing through butter with a hot knife. That’s how basic they are.

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